Stefan Agamanolis


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Projects developed under my guidance at Distance Lab:

Artful Dodgems / a creative learning experience combining technology, design and art
@Hand / a home health monitoring device designed to support carers in their caring role
DIY Soft Electronics / a collection of techniques for textile circuits and interfaces
HandMade / a wearable recording device for capturing handwork
High Five / a workshop to explore celebration over a distance
Jogging over a Distance / a shared workout experience for geographically-distant fitness buddies
LocalSoundScapes / a set of immersive audio recordings that reveal local activities
Loopin / a DIY craft kit combining textiles and electronics in a single learning experience
Moray Telehealth / an investigation into potential telehealth services for a rural area of Scotland
Mutsugoto / a body-drawing communicator for distant partners
neuromantic / a design exploration to encourage rural modern life through the use of 'slow' technologies
Oral Wiki / a voice-based wiki system for applications in developing countries
Remote Impact / boxing over a distance
Remote Rehabilitation / a system to deliver group-based pulmonary rehabilitation in the home via the internet
Social Knitworking / a technique for creating knitted keepsakes reflecting online social interactions
Solar Vintage / a collection of solar powered decorative accessories for the eco-fashion-minded consumer
Talking Boxes / communication devices for casual interaction between distant social spaces
Urban Pixels / a collaboration with MIT on experimental urban lighting units
uRemark / Highland Exposure / an exhibition concept for encouraging interaction between makers and audience members

Projects developed under my guidance in the Human Connectedness group at Media Lab Europe:

AudioBored / a public audio online message board
Aura / an intimate remote awareness system based on sleep patterns
Breakout for Two / an exertion interface for sports over a distance
BumpList / an email community for the determined
Desktop Subversibles / a collection of background awareness applications based on desktop ubiquity
Habitat / a range of connected furniture for awareness of daily routines and rhythms between distant family members
iBand / a wearable device for handshake-augmented interpersonal information exchange
iCom / a multipoint awareness and communication portal for connecting remote social spaces
Iso-phone / a total submersion telephonic experience
Mutsugoto / a body-drawing communicator for distant partners
One2One / a toolkit for creating personalized ambient media links for conveying togetherness over a distance
Open Window / an ambient virtual window for bolstering wellness and healing potential during a hospital stay
Palimpsest / a layered video manuscript of social interaction
Passages / a very close proximity media space
Portrait of Cati / a portrait with a sense of its personal space
RAW / an audio/photographic tool for conveying minimally-mediated impressions of everyday life
Reflexion / a responsive virtual mirror for interpersonal communication
SpeakerPhone / a high-density array of speakers for presence applications
Transparent Headphones / microphone-equipped headphones for real-time audio alteration
tunA / a handheld ad-hoc radio device for local music sharing
Viper / a tool for creating television programs that can re-edit themselves
WANDderful Alcove / an interactive play space in which participants wield magic wands and practice wizardry
whiSpiral / a spiral-shaped shawl that carries whispers of your loved ones

Projects from my time at the MIT Media Lab as a student / research assistant:

Demo Jukebox / an interactive kiosk with past and present Media Lab demo videos
The Birds / a flock of digital pigeons that respond to passers-by
Cabbage / a case-based reasoning tool for responsive graphic design
Vision Television / a television that watches you watching it
HyperSoap / a hyperlinked video soap opera combined with home shopping
Reflection of Presence / a prototype video telepresence environment based on the metaphor of a mirror
Magic Windows / an interactive video installation in which spectator proximity influences story progression
Peculiar Elevations / a peculiar art installation in an elevator
Dream Machine: CINEMAT / a magic carpet for orchestrating narrative streams of image and sound
Sashay/Sleep Depraved / a video character that responds to gesture-driven dream animations created by the viewer
Jayshree / a video performer who responds to the presence of passers-by
Cocktail / a prototype video conversation tracker modeled on a cocktail party
Wallpaper / an interactive narrative in which the viewer controls spatial and subjective point of view
The Museum / a prototype for a three-dimensional television program

Other projects:

Isis / a programming language for responsive media
Workshop in Community-Maintainable Collaborative Online Spaces / MIT course, Spring 2002
TeleTV / a television displaced from its tuner by 3000 miles

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