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Lost Values

DIY Soft Electronics

a collection of techniques for textile circuits and interfaces

Hannah Perner-Wilson, Mika Satomi

Digital media doesn't just happen on computer screens any more. Many times the best way to solve a problem is to embed digital interfaces in everyday objects like furniture, architecture and clothing. This project explores a range of techniques for making soft electronic circuits. These techniques will enable a new class of interactions over a distance, supporting new applications in domains ranging from health care to supporting long distance relationships.

In addition to enabling new kinds of interactions over a distance, the DIY Soft Electronics project addresses the distance between manufacturing and consuming - the idea that making, modifying and repairing things can become a viable alternative to the consumption of mass produced human-computer interfaces, and a way for individuals to prototype the future of wearable human-computer interaction scenarios. We believe that technology is to be hacked, DIYed and modified by everyone to fit our needs and desires.

A direct result of the project is the "How To Get What You Want" web site, which aims to be a comprehensible, accessible and maintainable internet resource, as well as a basis for further exploration and contribution. The site documents the range of wearable technology and soft circuit solutions we have developed for our own practice since 2007. Many interesting techniques and possibilities never make it into a finished project. We wanted to share these as well as explore their possible use towards future ideas. The site also contains collections of material and tool resources and example projects that explain the integration of individual solutions for smaller projects, aimed at showcasing what is possible and how. By including a certain twisted criticism towards human-computer interaction in our own works we hope to inspire others to question current wearable technology trends.


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