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High Five

a workshop to explore celebration over a distance

Matthew Karau, Cindy Jeffers, Stefan Agamanolis

People often "high five" each other to communicate mutual satisfaction or congratulations, but gestures like this aren't possible if you are far away from your fellow celebrators. High Five is a multi-day electronics and design workshop in which attendees build physical networked computer interfaces for expressing celebration over a distance.

In the High Five workshop, participants explore how to express celebration over a distance by creating novel inputs and outputs that connect to each other over the Internet. In addition to skills for building basic electronic circuits with a variety of sensors and actuators, the workshop emphasizes conceiving and implementing interface designs for celebration that are personally meaningful. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants connect their interfaces together and demonstrate them to an audience.

The first High Five workshop involved participants in Scotland and Romania who collaborated to clink glasses and exchange kisses over a distance. In a second High Five workshop held in Madeira, participants worked on more celebratory gestures such as squeezing hands, making puppets dance, and blowing out birthday candles over a distance.

The High Five workshop is a fun way to break the ice with basic electronics and software skills and can be especially helpful for designers and artists who are interested in experimenting with physical digital interfaces. No experience is necessary to participate. Please contact us if you would be interested in having us run a High Five workshop within your group or organisation.

Visit the HIGH FIVE wiki for the workshop outline and extensive resources.

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