NOTE: Distance Lab became part of the Glasgow School of Art Innovation School in October 2010.
This is a snapshot of the Lab's web site around July 2010 for historical reference.
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Distance Lab offers internships to individuals wishing to increase their research or business experience independently or in conjunction with academic degree programmes. Interns at Distance Lab undertake short projects or provide help on projects already in progress, as defined by the project leader with whom they work. These positions are open to students seeking summer work or a work placement, or recent graduates looking for a short-term work opportunity. Internships may be paid, unpaid, for-credit, not-for-credit, part-time, or full-time depending on various circumstances.

How to apply

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. We may advertise specific internship vacancies when there is a need for specific skills or experience, and these may have an application deadline. If no specific vacancies are listed on our web site recruitment section, you are still welcome to apply and we will consider such applications regularly, based on our current needs and resources available. If no other dates are given, we will aim to respond within 1 month of receiving your application. If we are unable to offer you a position, we may request to keep your application on file for future opportunities.

All applications should be submitted through our online application system. The principal components of an application are:

  1. Basic personal information
  2. Previous academic and work experience
  3. Portfolio illustrating previous projects, clearly indicating roles taken in each project. We understand this may be small for internship applicants.
  4. Personal statement: This statement should give us an impression of "what makes you tick". Who are you? What do you know how to do? What personal experiences or projects are you most proud of? What excites you about Distance Lab? What kind of experience are you looking for? If you are not responding to a specific advertisement, what would you like to do while at Distance Lab? (Maximum 1 page)
  5. Timing information: For example, are you interested in a summer internship? Do you want to work part-time? What dates are you available? How many weeks or months would you ideally like to work at the Lab for? Is the timing of your internship fixed by a degree programme? When will you no longer be available?
  6. Two referees: Referees can be professors of courses you have taken; supervisors of earlier internships, practicums, or research; clients or supervisors in industry employment; people for whom you worked during summers or while in school...
  7. Post-specific application materials: Check the information presented by any specific vacancies you wish to target with your application.

Applicants from anywhere in the world are welcomed and encouraged. If you are not a citizen of the European Union, a work permit may be necessary to work in Scotland. We will advise accepted applicants of any required procedures.

Distance Lab is an equal opportunity employer.