NOTE: Distance Lab became part of the Glasgow School of Art Innovation School in October 2010.
This is a snapshot of the Lab's web site around July 2010 for historical reference.
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Distance Lab's hybrid funding model invites the involvement of external industry and governmental partners. The partnership levels available extend a broad range of access privileges that allow organisations to tap into the Lab's research outputs and creative capacity.

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Why partner with Distance Lab ?

Through partnership with Distance Lab, your organisation has a chance to outsource some of its speculative research that doesn't sit comfortably within your normal setting or activities.

For a fraction of the cost of an in-house innovation effort, we can bring a radically-creative external perspective to the table that would be impossible to obtain otherwise.

We help organisations who are looking to innovate with digital media and distance in some way. We can apply our efforts to products and services, to the way you relate to customers, to internal operations, or other areas.

Working with a brief focused on your organisation's specific areas of interest, we will generate ideas and create prototypes that will give you insight into new approaches and help you advance quickly through the innovation cycle towards real-world applications.

We work especially well when you know you want to explore a particular thematic area but may not know exactly how do it. We can think outside the box for you and help you avoid missing the next big thing.

Our key strength is our team of fearless researchers. They are diverse, close-knit, and deeply skilled. They are experts at unrestricted thinking and can generate unexpected new ideas in almost any domain. They will surprise and inspire you.

Our practical experience in a broad range of technical and design areas allows us to bring new ideas to fruition, particularly in the form of working demos and prototypes that could be commercialised or otherwise disseminated.

Our team is led by Dr. Stefan Agamanolis, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an internationally recognised innovator in digital media and communication technologies. Stefan's work and that of his researchers has won several awards and has been exhibited all over the world.

How much does it cost ?

Our partnership programme starts at GPB £5,000 per year. Benefits are entirely customised and can include:

  • Co-defined project in partner's areas of interest
  • Early sight of new Lab inventions
  • Licensing and investment opportunities
  • Company days and keynote presentations
  • Access to Distance Lab events
  • Networking and promotional opportunities
  • Access to partners-only web resources (trend tracking)
  • Access to our team for instant consultation and advice

At a higher level, partners can benefit from custom prototyping and the ability to have an employee-in-residence at Distance Lab. Contact us for more details.

In addition to the partnership programme, we also engage in specific contract research and collaborative research projects of any size. We can work with you to develop a brief that achieves the results you need within your budget.

We also offer tailored workshops and seminars to organisations looking for insight into digital media innovations and foresight of future trends. Our innovation retreats offer a mix of highland culture and inspiration that will keep your employees energized and creative.

We enjoy hearing from any enterprise - small, large, commercial, social...

Contact us to open a dialogue on how we could help your organisation transform itself for the digital future.