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Lost Values

Distance Lab news and announcements from 2007...

11 December 2007

Distance Lab featured in Smart Textiles conference

Elena Corchero gave a talk about Solar Vintage and other Distance Lab projects at the Smart and Intelligent Textiles Conference in Prague.

30 November 2007

Elena Corchero wins jewellery award in Barcelona

Elena Corchero was awarded the Premi professional Tècnic in the Enjoia't 07 Contemporary Jewellery Competition in Barcelona for the outstanding use of technology and craft in her Solar Vintage pieces.

28 - 30 November 2007

Remote Impact presented at Australian conference

Remote Impact featured in Florian 'Floyd' Mueller's presentation of the short paper "Brute Force as Input for Networked Gaming" (PDF) at the OzCHI 2007 Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

20 November 2007

Tourism, Heritage and Technology projects launched

The three winners of Tourism, Heritage and Technology Challenge Fund awards presented their work at the Integrate to Innovate (i2i) conference in Aviemore. Distance Lab provided assistance on technology and design factors to the winners and facilitated the overall project, which was funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise during 2007.

13 November 2007

Solar Vintage recognised in national competition

Solar Vintage was shortlisted for the 2007 Scottish Eco-Prize for Creativity in the Emerging Talent category !

3 - 4 November 2007

Distance Lab creates High Fives over a distance

Distance Lab researchers Matthew Karau and Cindy Jeffers ran the High Five workshop in which two sets of participants, one in Scotland and the other in Romania, came together to create networked electronic interfaces for conveying celebration over a distance!

1 November 2007

Distance Lab featured in REN final conference

Stefan Agamanolis delivered a presentation about Distance Lab at the final conference of Rural Expertise in the North (REN), an EU-funded Northern Periphery Programme project. The conference was held in the town of Ii in northern Finland.

2 October - 2 December 2007

Mutsugoto featured in Osaka art exhibition

Mutsugoto was installed in an invited exhibition entitled Skin of/in Contemporary Art at the National Museum of Art, Osaka.

18 - 28 October 2007

Solar Vintage was shown in the exhibition entitled CONTAINS in Newcastle, England.

5 October 2007

Jogging recognised in NOKIA competition

Jogging over a Distance received a special mention at the 1st international NOKIA Ubimedia MindTrek Awards !

3 - 29 October 2007

Solar Vintage at the ICA

Solar Vintage was displayed in the exhibition Saving Planet Earth: A 21st Century Approach at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Elena made a presentation about her work at the ICA on 26 October 2007.

20 - 23 September 2007

Solar Vintage was shown at Designersblock London.

12 September 2007

Distance Lab holds second Open Studio event

Smart Cities and Sports over a Distance featured as themes at the second major Open Studio event at Distance Lab.

Keynote speakers included Susanne Seitinger and Florian 'Floyd' Mueller. Seitinger, a PhD candidate in the Smart Cities group at the MIT Media Lab, discussed MIT research on how digital media can be incorporated into the design of urban spaces and mediate our relationship with cities. Mueller, a PhD candidate in Interaction Design at the University of Melbourne, Australia, presented the theme of "Sports over a Distance" including 2 new prototypes created during a summer of work at Distance Lab.

The event included "open studio" time during which attendees could view project prototypes and interact directly with Distance Lab researchers.

25 August 2007

Solar Vintage was featured in the Roundhouse Fashion Extravaganza in London.

6 August 2007

Solar Vintage at SIGGRAPH in San Diego

Solar Vintage was featured in Unravel - the SIGGRAPH 2007 Fashion Show. Click below for video from the event...

22 June 2007

Stefan Agamanolis gave a talk about Distance Lab at a Fusion event in Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, an island group off the west coast of Scotland.

7 - 17 June 2007

Lab mounts Highland Exposure exhibition

In early 2007 Distance Lab ran a major digital photography competition entitled Highland Exposure. Participants submitted their most stunning and inventive expressions of "distance" in the contemporary Scottish Highlands & Islands.

The Highland Exposure exhibition featured all ~800 submissions to the competition. An innovative digital interface created by Distance Lab allowed audience members to select and project the images on a large screen, retrieve information about the photos, and leave voice messages for the photographers. The winners of the competition were announced during an opening reception on Thursday 7 June 2007.

2 June 2007

Distance Lab holds first Open Studio event

Today Distance Lab held a major event entitled Distance No Object.

Keynote speakers included Dan Stiehl and Elena Corchero. Stiehl, a PhD candidate in the Robotic Life group at the MIT Media Lab, discussed the Huggable, a robotic teddy bear in development at MIT which is intended for a number of therapeutic applications. Corchero, a graduate of the "Textile Futures" Masters program at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, presented her latest work on how electronics and solar technology can be incorporated into garments and fashion accessories in a delicate and appealing way.

The event included "open studio" time during which attendees could view project prototypes and interact directly with Distance Lab researchers.

18 May 2007

Matthew Karau delivers presentation in Aviemore

Distance Lab researcher Matthew Karau delivered a presentation at the UK Tourism Society's Annual Conference in Aviemore on the theme of immersive media recordings for cultural exchange and tourism applications as exemplified by an earlier project in which he was involved entitled RAW.

17 - 18 May 2007

Distance Lab featured in Ukrainian conference

Stefan Agamanolis gave a talk about the creation of Distance Lab at the International Conference on Regional Development, held at the Chernivtsi Trade and Economics Institute in Ukraine.

7 - 16 May 2007

Installation connects Distance Lab with French gallery

A media space project called Passages created a connection between the lobby of Horizon Scotland, where Distance Lab is located, and the Maison Populaire, an arts centre in Montreuil, France. Passers-by in either location could interact by gesturing and touching each other's projected silhouettes on a wall-sized screen. The project was originally developed in the Human Connectedness group at Media Lab Europe by Joëlle Bitton, Céline Coutrix and Stefan Agamanolis. Watch video from the installation...

29 April 2007

Exertion Interfaces workshop at CHI 2007

Florian 'Floyd' Mueller and Stefan Agamanolis led a workshop on Exertion Interfaces at the CHI 2007 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in San Jose, California.

23 - 24 March 2007

Drawbot frenzy at Distance Lab

Participants in the Drawbots workshop at Distance Lab built simple vibrating robots that draw patterns on paper placed underneath them. The workshop was based on a design created by Jonah Brucker-Cohen was held as part of the Going Nova Science Festival at Horizon Scotland.

9 February 2007

Laura Nichols describes how Engineering meets Art

Art and engineering - are they opposites, or can they interact creatively to open up new opportunities? Laura Nichols, a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab, tried to answer this question in front of a full-house audience at Distance Lab today.

19 January 2007

Distance Lab holds Scrapyard Challenge

Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki, techno-designer-artists from New York City, led the MIDI Scrapyard Challenge at Distance Lab today. Participants built their own musical instruments from scrap electronics gave an impromptu performance at the conclusion of the workshop. The day before, Jonah and Katherine gave a talk about their other work at the Green House in Inverness.

19 January 2007

Distance Lab Launched

Highlands and Islands Enterprise today announced the launch of Distance Lab, a unique research institute in the Highlands that will become a world leader in digital media and communication technologies. Read the full press release...