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Open Studio 002

Wednesday 12 September 2007 / 12 noon - 5 pm
Horizon Scotland / Forres, Scotland
Free of charge

Interested in what's going on at Distance Lab? At our "Open Studio" events we show you how we're pushing the limits of technology and design to overcome the disadvantages of distance. We also expose you to some of the most innovative research ideas and personalities from other parts of the world.

This second Open Studio event follows a similar pattern to our first oversubscribed event in June. The day will include invited presentations by two cutting-edge investigators:

Smart Cities

Susanne Seitinger is a PhD candidate in the Smart Cities group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab in the USA. She will talk about her latest project, a system of programmable solar-powered lighting units called "Urban Pixels" that can be used to create new effects in the city that blur the boundary between urban lighting and display. She will also touch on other projects at MIT investigating how digital media and networking technologies can be incorporated into the design of urban spaces and mediate our relationships with cities. In addition to a Masters from the Media Lab, Susanne holds a Masters in City Planning from MIT and a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Princeton University.

Sports over a Distance

Florian 'Floyd' Mueller is a PhD candidate in Interaction Design at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He will present his work in the areas of "Exertion Interfaces" and "Sports over a Distance" in which participants in different parts of the world can play a physically exhausting sport together. Such interfaces may better support social bonding and the building of trust over a distance than conventional online experiences, and Floyd has been spending the summer at Distance Lab working on a new prototype in this research area. Earlier, Floyd led the research group "Connecting People" at CSIRO in Australia. He holds a Masters in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT and a 4-year degree in Digital Media from FH Furtwangen, Germany.

A light lunch and presentations will be followed by open studio time during which you can visit our lab space, check out our equipment, talk to our researchers, and see our latest project demonstrations.

Presentation videos

Photos from the event